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The way back home. Re-thinking palliative care with acupuncture.

Rayén Antón (engl.)

Today’s society seems to live trying to face away from death, denying it until it’s most of the time too late to integrate it. Tends to break what it is a single process of existence into 2 separate and mutually exclusive states: Life and Death. Chinese medicine and the 3 Treasures give us an entry point to understand these states as nothing but manifestations of an ongoing process not bound to physical existence. Existence is a continuum with different proportions of Shen, Qi and Jing. Towards the end of physical life, the proportion of Shen has the chance to increase as matter fades out. When we shift into this larger perspective, we see how acupuncture has an immense potential to facilitate the transition from one process to the other, from one stage of being to the next. We have as fundamental part of our medicine the refinement of jing into qi and qi into shen, we can facilitate the transition and transformation.

This workshop will explore how to facilitate this state of connection with the source, to help the patient detach from fear and anxiety, being able to embrace the new iteration of their existence. We’ll pay attention to markers signaling this connection, such as direct palpation of qi, and we’ll go over a few ideas of how the Ba Mai can help facilitate this process, presenting initial thoughts to engage them. We’ll have theory and practice parts, aiming to integrate the concepts into palpable skills.

Prerequisites for participants: Basic training in TCM
The course language is English.

Rayén Antón started her path into Chinese medicine in 2002 in Barcelona. She is graduated as TCM, Manaka, and Toyohari practitioner. In 2011 started with Engaging Vitality. Currently she divides her time between full time acupuncture practice and teaching Engaging Vitality Fundamental Modules and Intermediate classes on Ba Mai palpation.

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The way back home. Re-thinking palliative care with acupuncture.
Termine 07./08.12.2024
Kursszeiten Samstag 10:00 – 17:00 Uhr
Sonntag 09:00 – 16:00 Uhr
Credits 14
Kosten 370 €
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