Shou Zhong Aus- & Weiterbildungszentrum für Chinesische Medizin

Shou Zhong

Ausbildungszentrum Berlin

Your educational center for Chinese Medicine (TCM)

We look forward to welcoming you in our training and continuing education center for Chinese Medicine in Berlin!

Please note that the classes of our trainings are held in German. We highly recommend a German Level B2 in order to be able to follow the program. Some of our Continuing Education Courses are also available in English. Please check the details here.


We’re glad you found us.

For 30 years our school has offered high caliber education in the field Chinese medicine. We’d love to share our passion and experience with you. Get inspired by the world of Chinese medicine. We’ll support you on your way to becoming a practitioner.


Learn everything you need to know about the Traditional Chinese Medicine program at Shou Zhong. We offer programs in acupuncture, qigong, tuina, nutrition, pharmacology, and more.

Continuing Education

Our continuing education courses keep you up to date as a practitioner. Find out about opportunities to grow your knowledge and skills.


Our three-year acupuncture diploma program with AGTCM certification paves the way, step-by-step, for you to gain the knowledge and practical skills you need to begin your own acupuncture practice as a competent therapist.


In our program you learn how to use the sound foundations of Chinese nutrition on yourself and others. You can adjust diet according to symptoms, constitution, or season and apply individually. This gives you an optimal tool for nutrition counseling in your own practice.

Teaching Practice

In our teaching practice we offer patients affordable, professionally supervised treatment by our students. Our teaching practice affords practitioners the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and treatment skills.


Benefit from the wealth of knowledge in the materia medica and formula preparations collected and preserved over centuries. Alongside acupuncture, Chinese pharmacology is the most important pillar of Chinese medicine.

Tuina Massage Therapy

Learn tuina massage, a manual treatment method in Chinese medicine. Tuina gives you an autonomous treatment method that has matured over centuries. Our program features a large practical part to get you treating hands-on.

Study groups

We are pleased to be able to offer two regular study groups on the premises of our school. Both groups are also registered with the AGTCM as quality circles QZ and credits can be earned. Please feel free to drop by 🙂