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Our Chinese Nutrition Program (AGTCM Diploma)

As Chinese doctor Sun Si Miao (590 – 682 BC) said, “First, modify the patient’s diet and lifestyle and only then, if these do not effect a cure, treat with medicinals and acupuncture.”
Food has a massive influence on your body, or in the West, on your metabolism, in China, on the relationship between yin and yang. The fast pace of our globalized world has significantly transformed our dietary habits. We often lack the feeling capacity to listen to our body and to know what really supports it.
In our AGTCM diploma program, you learn how to use the sound foundations of Chinese nutrition on yourself and others. More than 2,000 years old, this body of knowledge organizes food according to taste, temperature behavior, thermal, and relatedness by organ or meridian. This allows you to adjust and personalize food intake according to symptoms, constitution, or season and gives you an optimal tool for nutritional counseling in your own practice.
Join us on a culinary adventure through the seasons of the year and gain theoretical and practical understanding of this body of knowledge.

Program objectives:
-Chinese nutrition basics and application (history, body clock, quality, tastes, temperature, thermal)
-Learn various methods of preparation and their effects (fermentation, stewing, etc.)
-Cooking with the annual cycle – consciously experience each season and the cosmological phases between them (土用)with seasonal foods
-Foods and techniques regarding constitution
-Diagnosis using dietary records, blood values, and anamnesis
-Diagnosis of substance (blood, yin, etc.) and their imbalances
-Treatment competence in changing diet
-Nutrition in particular stages of life
-Nutrition concepts for counseling with Western illnesses (obesity, allergies, skin diseases)


150 hours basic knowledge.

You want to obtain additional in class training? You have the possibility to visit the seminars in the year 2023 in our school to achieve the required knowledge. Feel free to get in touch with us.

20 days of class – 140 academic hours
The program contains two blocks (Sat., Sun., and Mon.) and 14 individual days (Mondays).
Class meets 10 AM to 5PM.

Module 1 (Qi): 19 – 21/02/2022
14/03/2022 Nutrition in spring
28/03/2022 Blood
09/05/2022 Nutrition in summer
27/06/2022 Moisture/Phlegm
22/08/2022 Nutrition in fall
Modul 2 (Yin): 17 – 19/09/2022
17/10/2022 Yang
21/11/2022 Nutrition in winter
05/12/2022 Nutrition in special times
09/01/2023 Nutrition and emotions
13/02/2023 Skin
06/03/2023 Obesity
17/04/2023 Oncology
08/05/2023 Auto-immune diseases
19/06/2023 Final examination and good-bye dinner

The next nutrition program begins in Spring 2024. The exact dates will follow soon.

Franz Kratochwil and Nina Siegling are the current teachers of the nutrition program.

€2,050 for AGTCM & TCM-Fachverband Schweiz members
Monthly installments of €200 / €157.70
The cost of food is included in the course tuition.

Upon successful completion of the program and examination you receive an AGTCM diploma/certificate in nutrition.

Direkte Anmeldung

für den Kurs

Termine 19.-21.02.2022 Modul 1 (Qi)
14.03.2022 Ernährung im Frühling
28.03.2022 Blut
09.05.2022 Ernährung im Sommer
27.06.2022 Feuchtigkeit/Schleim
22.08.2022 Ernährung im Herbst
17.-19.09.2022 Modul 2 (Yin)
17.10.2022 Yang
21.11.2022 Ernährung im Winter
05.12.2022 Ernährung zu besonderen Zeiten
09.01.2023 Ernährung und Emotionen
13.02.2023 Haut
06.03.2023 Adipositas
17.04.2023 Onkologie
08.05.2023 Autoimmunerkrankungen
19.06.2023 Abschlussprüfung und Abschiedsessen
Kurszeiten Montag 10:00 bis 17:00 Uhr
Samstag 10:00 bis 17:00 Uhr
Sonntag 10:00 bis 17:00 Uhr
Creditstunden 140
Kosten 2.600,- Euro
2050,- Euro für AGTCM & TCM-Fachverband Schweiz Mitglieder
Ratenzahlung monatlich 200,- Euro / 157,70 Euro


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