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Koshi Balancing meets Yin Sotai 2: Exploring the Upper Realms

 Robert Quinn & Jeffrey Dann
(This online webinar is held in English as cooperation of Shou Zhong with Robert Quinn. He is regularily teaching in German at our school in Berlin.)

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Exploring the Upper Realms: Koshi Balancing meets Yin Sotai

Explore the fascinating overlap and mutual enrichment between the treatment styles that Jeffrey Dann & Bob Quinn have pioneered, Koshi Balancing and Yin Sotai​

What Can I Expect to Learn in this second installment?
* The foundations of Koshi Balancing, Sotai, Yin Sotai, and Teishin work
* An ability to perform Koshi Balancing moves in the prone position; with a focus on Sacroiliac, lumbar-pelvic and Thoraco-lumbar alignments
* A knowledge of Koshi Balancing techniques for Shoulder and Cervical alignment
* Teishin techniques for unwinding fascial restrictions (e.g. abdominal, paraspinal, SCM and scalenes)
* An understanding of how to assess 4 key sphincters; KI-21/22 (LES); CV-12 (Pyloric); ST-23 (Oddi); ST-27 (Iliocecal Valve)
* A knowledge of facial and scalp Teishin techniques for increasing vagal tone

Koshi Balancing is the culmination of Jeffrey’s years spent studying with masters of acupuncture, teishin, bodywork, movement arts, and the martial arts.

Bob’s work in Yin Sotai should be seen as an evolution of Dr. Keizo Hashimoto’s Sotai-ho in an even gentler direction.

A Focus on Gentle Techniques, Grounded in Structural Assessment
This course will be taught with a focus on the teishin. As such, it is appropriate for non-acupuncturists. Acupuncturists after the course will understand how needles can be used instead of the teishin, but in the course no needling will be taught.

Participants are encouraged to have someone on hand that they can practice on as a model, so that the learning can immediately come alive.

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Robert Quinn, DAOM, LAc Bob Quinn has been studying various Japanese acupuncture, moxa, and bodywork styles since 1999. He has found an eclectic way to incorporate elements of these styles into a coherent whole. Much of his clinical work is now done with teishin, moxa and bodywork instead of normal insertive acupuncture. Until recently he taught full-time in the School of Classical Chinese Medicine at NUNM in Portland, OR. Robert is regularily visiting our school Shou Zhong to teach course on his work, especially the work with the teishin.

Jeffrey Dann, PhD, LAc Jeffrey is the founder of the Koshi Balancing™ Method, has been an educator and community health practitioner for the past 40 years. A respected acupuncture teacher, he has taught internationally as well as at national conventions and for doctoral programs on both coasts. His practice is informed by Osteopathic Visceral Manipulation. His Koshi Balancing integrates acupuncture meridian work with several different Japanese bodywork systems. He practices in Boulder, CO where he is also director of the Aloha Wellness Associates Clinic.

1. Mai 2021: 17-22:30 MEZ  8am-1:30pm (PST)

15. Mai 2021 17-22:30 MEZ  8am-1:30pm (PST)


$190 (Professionals)
$150 (Students)