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Engaging Vitality – review class Fluids: Review and Expansion weekend

Rayén Anton (engl.)

All of us who took the EV fundamental course, have at least a working knowledge of the Fluid Body and the Fluid Tide/Yin Rhythm. Later on, in the intermediate level Ba Mai class, we explored in depth the Fluid Body, adding nuances as the Morphology, etc.  In this class, we also went deeper in our engagement with more primal aspects of Qi, since the Ba Mai and the Fluids share in common their close affiliation to  Source/Yuan Qi.  We found that when the Ba Mai shift from being 8 distinct elements to behave as 1 single unit, we’re on the brink of engaging Midspace through Dian Hua/Ignition –and we learn more about this in the specific intermediate level Midspace/Igntion class.
When the system rests in a state of open quiescence, then the Fluids show yet another feature: The Wave. In contrast with the Tide, the Wave doesn’t have a rhytmical back and forth; in contrast with the Fluid Body and the Shape of Qi, its quality is much finer, brighter, more pristine… This, and many other features as well as the clinical use and how to engage it, is part of  what we explore in this Review and Expansion weekend.
Fundamental series Modules 1-2-3; working knowledge of Shape of Qi and Fluid Body & Yin Tide.
This class is highly beneficial as mid step between Ba Mai class and the Midspace/Ignition class.

Rayén Anton lebt derzeit in Barcelona, wo sie 2003 ihre Zertifizierung als Akupunkturtherapeutin erhielt. 2004 erlernte sie die japanische Akupunktur nach Manaka und lernte auch bei Keiraku Chyrio. 2006 beendete sie ihre Tuina- und ein Jahr später ihre Toyohari- Ausbildung. Seit 2011 beschäftigt sie sich mit der „Engaging Vitality” Methode, unterrichtet von Charles Chace.

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Engaging Vitality – review class Fluids: Review and Expansion weekend
Termin(e) 10./11.12.2022

Samstag: 10:00 bis 18:00 Uhr

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